A Resume To Work At UGO  

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Sent: Friday, October 27, 2000 7:37 PM
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Subject: A Resume To Work At UGO

Hi this is Cornelius Wilson and I would like to know if I can be the man in charge of the UGO Wrestling Section. I am a very responsible person and I know alot about wrestling. I know how the wrestling works on the internet with the websites and all about the wrestling on TV. As I know webmasters who runs the big wrestling sites on the internet and plus I know all the big reporters on the internet except for like 2-3 of them because I don't talk to them anymore. I also have experience running a wrestling site, as you can visit the site I webmaster at WrestlingImpact (http://www.wrestlingimpact.com). As that site may or may not make you think I am not good enough for the job but that is not my best work at all. As we had all of our information deleted just a few months ago so most of my hard work into the site went away and I had to help make new information for the site. Now with me running the wrestling section for UGO, I will update the wrestling section site daily. Meaning updating the main headlines/top stories and if you want I can add in a newsboard with exclusive reporters or a couple of regular reporters who is well known around the internet for there good writing skills and a column board which will have some real good columnist who also have good writing skills because I do know a couple of columnist who does a great job with there columns.

If you are looking for more page views for your site daily, then this will be a great idea to have me on the staff to run this section. As I see that for your main headlines, you is getting the main headlines for the wrestling section from another site that is with the UGO Network. Well I can do that all by myself with writing the whole thing by myself instead of getting the news from another site. That's if you want me to do that. Also by me writing the main headlines for the UGO Wrestling section, that will make other reporters use the UGO Wrestling section for of their sources and use one of the main headlines in there news reports and credit UGO Wrestling. Which will then even spread the word out more to the people who doesn't know about the UGO Wrestling section and UGO.

Now about if you want me to add a wrestling newsboard to the UGO Wrestling section. Now if you are really looking to get more page views to your site which will help you make more money if you is looking for some more. A newsboard will be the best thing, as other wrestling sites newsboards gets over 50,000 hits just for the newsboard part. So as alot of people already know about the UGO Wrestling section, if they check out the wrestling section newsboard and read each post or even some messages, that will make the page views increase for sure and again some reporters will be getting some of there news from the UGO Wrestling section newsboard and that will make the UGO Wrestling section seem even more professional because other people are getting there news from us. I would bascially watch over the newsboard everyday to make sure no one breaks the posting rules or makes an mistake like double posting and I will even promote the UGO Wrestling section at other websites to help out with the site hits. Also I will hire/fire reporters when needed. I will not fill up the newsboard with tons of reporters, I will be very carefull with who I hire and fire to post news on the newsboard all the time. So now the wrestling fans will be able to go to the UGO.com to get all the wrestling news they need daily and plus they will also check out UGOs other subpages.

Now about if you want me to add a column board to the UGO Wrestling section. Basically it will be the same thing as the wrestling newsboard but it won't get as much hits as the wrestling newsboard will get. But it will be a great feature for the wrestling section of UGO.

You may or may not want to increase the page views and uniques to UGO and UGO Wrestling everyday. But this idea with me running the wrestling section for UGO and adding new features to it will be a great thing for the wrestling fans out on the internet. I know that the wrestling fans would appreciate it if UGO did have these new features added to the wrestling section because I used to check out wrestling sites everyday for wrestling news for 2 years. So as I was just a regular person who checked out wrestling sites for news that other sites didn't have, I now want UGO to have an good wrestling newsboard that other wrestling fans will check out daily like I did. But now I am a webmaster who is good at HTML and webpage designing and a internet writer who has good skills in writing and I have been doing this for a year and 2 months now.

I would really appreciate it if you hired me for this job. If you have any questions for me just ask me. If you would like to talk to me over the phone then call me at 262-xxx-xxxx or you can reach me on AIM as " pwzxxxx " or on ICQ with my number " xxxxxxxxx ". I know that your are an busy person and you probley get tons of e-mails everyday but I really hope you respond back to this message because I would really like to do this for UGO.