Bombs Over Baghdad  

So who had February 16th in the "George Bush starts a stupid war" pool? Somebody's got some money coming their way, as U.S. military fuckshittery has resulted in us apparently bombing some communications towers in Iraq.
I really wasn't looking to start a weekend during wartime, but I guess I'm just a cog in the war machine, my living in the Western world implicit responsibility for the deaths of millions. I don't know. The Pentagon's calling it "self-defense" but I don't see exactly how that works; I haven't felt threatened by Iraq in quite a while. I remember the first Iraq war, the bizarre feeling of teetering on the brink of something too big for humanity to handle, the eternal fear that the fuse will finally be lit and the end will finally come, and even after the cancelled apocalypse of 2000, I'm still scared. I don't want to watch CNN long, lonely nights, as apartment buildings collapse into dust and rubble. Watch this instead.