Ugh. Every day I wake up, or I mostly wake up, and I put pants on, and after that I'm stuck. The disadvantage to not having a job is that you're pretty much on your own recognizance unless you have to make an appearance at the unemployment office, so the eight hours that normal people spend earning money is spent trying to figure out some reason to leave the house. And, as of late, those reasons just ain't been coming. The weather's improving, so that may rouse the sleeper a bit, but most weekdays you can catch me in my pajamas until the early evening. And why is that? Is there something that simply predisposes human beings to a workday cycle? Or has my paltry six years as a wge slave so ruined my circadian system that I now must work, or my body simply rebels against any instructions I give it? I don't know. Maybe I should join a cult or something.