And So It Goes  

Sorry for the lack of anything lately; I have, as always, been frantically trying to make my rent payments. You probably know by now that this unemployment thing isn't working out as planned, but I've been dealt a horrible blow when I found out the Software Etcetera no longer pays cash for used video games - only store credit. What the hell am I going to do with store credit? Unless they start selling ramen there, I'm SOL for the time being. In other news, I've been trying to install that crazy Amazon donation system thing on this site to take advantage of your pity, but those incompetent Bezos bozos can't seem to get their forms to work well enough to actually take my account information, and since I've tried it on three different computers and the Dreamcast, and nothing seems to work, I've given up hope on that front for awhile. So that's that. Cashed in my change jar last week - $41. Macaroni and cheese is 33 cents a box at Key Food. My girlfriend's gone to St. Louis for a few days - my goal is to spend less than five dollars in the five days she's gone. Doing pretty good so far. A clip from Evil Video was used on the Daily Show, that made me happy. Still available, by the way. We should be setting something up at Portal of Evil soon where you can buy stuff like that, my comics and Schmeterling tapes and affiliate stuff, pretty soon now. How about that new PoE design, by the way? Can you tell I really have nothing to say here? You can, can't you. New long story tomorrow. Sorry, sorry.