King Of The Internet II  

Last year when I was barely holding down a table at a comics convention in Maryland, I had a wee sign saying that I would draw insulting caricatures of people for free, as a way of enticing them to buy my comics. Whenever somebody asked for one, I would do a tiny drawing of them, their pants soaked with urine, and a speech balloon saying "Duhh! I am a stupid comics nerd and I just spastically urinated all over myself!" On the last day, a group of people approached me with a sketchbook that they were collecting drawings in to auction off for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Since there's nothing I like more than pretending people care about my amateurish scrawlings, I gladly contributed. And, no surprise, it showed up on the Internet.But the point is now moot, since they took it down after I linked to it. So fuck your charity and fuck the CBLDF.