Hitting Bottom  

Well, it finally happened. I had the true financial breakdown yesterday morning. After two weeks of near-constant calling to the unemployment office, after 114 consecutive calls, I finally got in touch with a real person who could hopefully explain to me exactly why, after seven weeks, I hadn't recieved a single check. I was elated, positively bouncing up and down on my chair with glee, with excitement. Finally. Thank the holy God, finally. And so? And so this no-English lady comes on the line and tells me, poor sorrowful me, that they've closed my claim for no particular reason, that I'm not getting any unemployment checks, and that I basically have to go through the whole process over again. "You should have called us," she said. "I've called you 114 times," I said, "and nobody's picked up the phone." And yet, that didn't seem to work, and my voice got louder and louder until I'm screaming at this woman, and all she can say is "You should have called us." So that's where we stand. I can't even go on welfare right.