My Dear Scotts
This letter was sent to everybody with the last name "Scott" in Seattle

My dear Scotts,

I deeply regret that I am unable to write to you at this time concerning matters more politically comfortable and socially pleasant than that of the mob lawyer C. William Beresford's brutal beating to death of our good Christian attorney brother, David Scott in August 1983. C. William Beresford murdered innocent and otherwise totally uninvolved David Scott for the sole psychopathic reason that Mr. Scott was conveniently positioned for murder for isolation and furtive terrorism purposes, being at that time the only partner of the second, Chas. Talbot, of a series of three successive attorneys I employed to represent me in my attempt to divorce myself from the only daughter of Seattle's willful bisexual organized crime U.S. domestic furtive terrorist for money and psycho- pathic power English Saxon Godfather, William J. Chase. As one might reasonably conclude, the use of such insane and totally unconscionable tactics as C. William Beresford's brutal murder of David Scott combined with the well experienced skillful employment of duplicitous sodomite con-artistry (confidence gaining, manipulating, paternalistically subtlely eroding and deliberately violating) resulted in each of my attorneys eventually fearfully submitting to this bisexual establishment embedded terrorist gang and withdrawing from my case. I am now simply unable to locate another attorney willing to represent me under these bizarre but unfortunately true circumstances.

Though heterosexual's natural reservedness can occasionally cause us to fall prey to certain sexual natity it really should not come as any great surprise for us to learn and maturely realize that intimidation based dirty power structures are often bonded by dirty and degrading sex and that there is no sex act more vile and degradation oriented than that of male to male anus penetration submission sex as practiced by William Chase and C. William Beres- ford's Seattle establishment embedded English Saxon white-city-thug-boy bisexual sodomite power structure.

As mature citizens of a democratic republic with the looming threat of an ever-widening A.I.D.S. plague descending upon our house, rapidly growing organized gangsterism and increasingly rising numbers of seemingly pointless psychopathic murders claiming the lives of our young innocent and most defense- less citizens we must quickly come to better understand the nature and forces of criminal bisexuality. To begin doing so we must first realize that male effeminate homosexuality and bisexuality represent the two opposite sides of the same societal schizophrenia and thus although they share certain similarities, they are also quite different from one another. In fact, although it is the very existance of bisexuality and its anti-feeling oppressive and suppressive power structures which causes most effeminate male homosexuality as a natural societal balancing reaction, bisexuals are quite literally horrified by contact with effeminate homosexuals. This ironic bisexual homophobia is perhaps in part because homosexuals may, in fact, be better able to recognize a "lady's man" bisexual to be in actuality the homo- anus-sexual that the bisexual indeed is rather than the super prim and proper super mature and paternalistically wise macho-heterosexual that the bisexual always attempts to the absolute limits of audacity to project himself to be. You may recall for example when and how Ronald W. Reagan upon discovering there to be an effeminate homosexual among his staff dismissed the homosexual White House staff member out of apparent moral indignation. This seems quite ironic when we realize that Mr. Reagan likewise is also a homosexual, albeit a Hollywood Babylon macho bisexual and thus comes from the opposite side of the sexual spectrum from effeminate homosexuality. Also unlike homosexuals, the power of the bisexual rests entirely upon his ability to remain undetected and in having his teflon paternalistically all knowing front accepted as genuine while the intense paranoia of discovery that that confident false front disguises remains unseen or unadmitted. Thus it is only the persecuted homosexual who wishes to come out of the closet and live more honestly while the ever persecuting bisexuals, if they are to come out of the closet must be forcibly dragged out.

Homosexuals and bisexuals, each having been subject to unnatural male sexual bodily penetration, acquire activated female emotional polarities and are thus often far more politically and emotionally sensitive and aware vis-a-vis straight heterosexual males. However, unlike homosexuals, bisexuals often instinctively seek and require a female "mate" to maintain a semblance of hormonal balance and a more convincing heterosexual disguise while they secretly engage in their bisexual network promiscuity. Also quite unlike the effeminate homosexual, the bisexual acquires and develops a mentalist rationalizing superman insanity complex believing himself to be even more of a true man than any heterosexual in so much as when the newly initiated bisexual submits his own individual sexuality to the larger bisexual male aggression worshipping intimidationist group spirit and power structure, the bisexual initiate then too acquires the sodomite group will and duplicitous seduction (emotional rape) technique used to emotionally ensnarl and enslave unsuspecting members of either sex, though believing men to be superior to women the bisexual prefers to sexually degrade the men more than women. That is to say there is far more demented ego gratification for the bisexual when he can sexually degrade another male than in sexually degrading a female.The bisexual is unable to level and thus always assumes the holier- than-thou paternalistic higher ground from which he addresses all others in a condescending manner. As earlier indicated the bisexual perceives himself as being far more mature and worldly wise than heterosexual males from which he rationalizes himself to have graduated into the "higher" sexual power awareness of collective sodomite will. In fact he regards all hetero- sexual males as potential and future bisexuals when they become "mature" like himself. These anal-sex criminally insane males are deeply into image projection and believe that all truth is simply a matter of mental perception. To the extent that those around the bisexual accept the audacious paternalistic sodomite at face value - that is, for the mature all-wise all-knowing "men" that he demands others perceive him to be continually adds to the bisexuals own belief in the illusion of the unconquerable power of the two face lie and vindictive intimidation. Above all else the bisexual develops the art of ignoring and avoidance. You may have noticed for example how Ronald W. Reagan, though president of a nation faced with the crisis of teenage pregnancies and a widening A.I.D.S. epidemic, conveniently ignores and avoids the subject of sex calling it an X-rated subject. Of course, in fact, sex is only dirty and X-rated if one believes that the ultimate purpose of sex is to degrade one's partner as bisexuals so believe. They also understand and take advantage of the general population's predilection for conveniently ignoring that which is unpleasant. Thus C. William Beresford and his Saxon bisexual partner felt confident that they could murder a Scott with absolute impunity - that people would ignore and forget about the brutal murder of David Scott with the passage of a brief period of time.

Bisexuals are particularly dangerous to heterosexual males since part of their tactics in emotionally ensnarling isolating and converting their individual targets is to befriend the unsuspecting heterosexual on the basis of portraying themselves to be just the opposite of what they really are - i.e. as being fiercely and only interested in females when in fact their only motive for befriendment is to ultimately satiate their demented egos by patiently and collectively emotionally traumatizing and destabilizing their target of feigned male befriendment and into eventually submitting to anal sex. Given to intense manipulation the bisexual believes that besides lying and intimidation all power is ultimately derived from the security of money and thus seeks to control financial institutions and positions over other people's means of livelihood. When they attack a heterosexual it is primarily in the victim's ability to make a living, a major source of everyone's emotional stability and sense of independence. Seeking also power positions within the legal and police apparatus these defective criminals seek to destroy individual by individual in a classic divide isolate and conquer strategy. Furthermore, when put in leadership positions the bisexual is highly skilled at milking the creativity and balanced moral reasoning of heterosexual subordinates until such time that the heterosexual becomes too close to the truth and is then either summarily dismissed or subject to intimidation indoctrination or both.Not wishing to sound overly alarmist but these bisexual intimi- dationists link up with one another via their common paranoia and emotional unspoken furtive power understanding and are rapidly becoming our beloved nation's defacto power structure, particularly within our financial, legal and police institutions. In Seattle, besides the Mafia attorneys of Beresford Booth Baronsky and Trompeter this organized crime psychopathic sodomite network includes City Attorney Douglas N Jewett, King County Judge George T. Mattson, court commissioner Martin M. Ozntio and Court executive director Robert J. McCannell. Besides the murder and cover up mentioned this woman hating bisexual organized crime network is responsible for the Green River young woman murders and much of the Northwest's illegal narcotics trade. In their dealings with me they have issued and dispersed official looking court document upon document to those around me including a warrant for my arrest though I have broken no laws. I have appealed repeatedly to Mayor Charles Royer to end this harassment of me but to no avail. Now I urge you to help me demand an end to this murder cover up and to begin an investigation into C. William Beresfords's brutal murder of our Kinsman.

Please do not allow him to get away with this murder.

Sincerely, Bob Bagley