A few months ago, me and my girlfriend created a new Yahoo! character to fill a gap that Amber couldn't fill. His name was Corey Fledman, and he was a metalhead. Here's what he looks like. Click on his picture for Yahoo! profile fun.

We put together an ineptly-written ad stating that he was looking for "Tits with Stix" to play drums in his new band in the Hartford, Connecticut area. Unfortunately, we only got one reply, but it was a doozy.

Corey, You said you were looking for tits with stix, well I'm your girl.
I'm a kick ass drummer from new orleans, unfortunantly I live no where near hartford, but I'll be in NY visiting my brother next summer. You look like you know a good fuckin song when you hear one, I too wanna put together a total sleezy glam rock sunset strip 1989 type band. I got the look and the stix for the job, write me back sometime, and STAY ROCKIN!!!

And, even better, she attached some pictures.

We were so flabbergasted by this turn of events that it took us a couple of months to write back.

Yo Glam Girl!
You play drums??? In the pix you r playing guitar! I play guitar and I rage. So I donnot need a nother guitar, dude.
Do you have tapes or video of you playing???
ps you r freakin' hot babe!!!

We were seriously considering driving up to Hartford and setting up a PO box just to have video of this crazy woman playing the drums. She wrote back.

Corey, That picture with my guitar is just for looks man, I'm a KICK ASS drummer, although I do play some rhythem guitar, bass, and keyboards. I don't even have that guitar anymore man, I hocked it in april to see WASP, lol. Where have you been? I wrote to you like months ago. -GlamGirl-

After that, we really couldn't think of anything that would be any funnier than that to say back to her. Goodnight, GlamGirl, wherever you are.