So what have we learned this week? That I'm some kind of sexually repressed sicko so afraid of real intimacy that he sublimates all his desires into this infantiliac tousling/squirrely behavior? Yes, I guess we've learned that. Have we learned that my darkest secrets are goofy and disgusting at the same time, and that anyone exposed to the true me should flee in disgust at the earliest opportunity, lest they be infected by the brain illness that I suffer? Yes, I suppose we've learned that too. I don't know if I've learned something, except maybe to keep my fetishes off of the Internet - in nearly 16 hours of Web research, I couldn't find one single human being who shares my proclivities. Below are some close matches.

Kurt Hollocher's Squirrel Gallery
Some of the finest squirrel studies and photography

The Squirrel Place
Fine index of information concerning

Fashion Icon
Contains the phrase "A girl wants to be able to tousle hard with the boy she's with" Also fashion tips