Get Off My Internet  

Yesterday morning, me and my girlfriend woke up to Howard Stern as per usual, but while usually I am amused and disgusted, this morning I was just disgusted. His guest was the son of noted Disney chairman and multi-millionaire asshole Michael Eisner. Eric Eisner, this mush-mouthed moron of a rich kid, has started a retarded website called and now he's on a national radio show promoting it. This fucking asshole could barely speak a coherent sentence, yet here he is the CEO of a Web company getting twenty minutes of free advertising just because he's the son of some rich dumbshit. If you were smart and didn't click on that fucking link, you didn't see that it's a fancy-looking shithole with some lame Flash animations that barely work, yet little Eric was talking up his thing like it was a real-time earnings project. But gess what? There's no ads on the site, there's no commerce, as a matter of fact, there's no money coming in at all except for nebulous Barry Diller venture capidal that dear Daddy probably arranged as a birthday present. And yet Eisner describes it as "a successful business venture." The only other credits this silver-spoon shitass has to his credit are producing a universally panned AIDS drama. If he wasn't the son of a famous motherfucker he'd be a nobody nowhere, and fuck all that shit. Fuck the culture of wealth in America where a mealy-mouthed 26-year-old retard can pull the wool over the world's eyes with glitz and gloss while people like me who actually WORK on the Internet get jack and shit for our efforts and dedication. I hope the link to this fuckshit's page shows up in his referrer logs and some underpaid drone takes time off from tonguing his famous anus to come back here and read this, and I also hope that the bottom falls out of this shitty industry faster than I can type this, leaving these fucking hucksters gasping for air in Daddy's pockets. Get into record producing or shoddy syndicated TV shows or whatever, just leave the Internet alone. Fuckers.