"the supermarket explodes    

from malnutrition - god bless malnutrition" bob dylan, tarantula.

there are days like today when nothing seems to click. my vaunted brain for all it's worth really honestly can't seem to process the most basic of informations into any sort of coherence. we are on the cusp of a celebrated three day weekend and i feel like i'm walking around with a ribcage full of old newspapers. yesterday's entry was a joke, a bad joke, it's from a video game for god's sakes. my shift key is broken. control will be the next to go, i'm sure. this website is sadly not y2k compliant so you'd all better get your fill within the next 181 days, not counting weekends and holidays. i'm taking monday off next week. next week is a theme week anyways. ghosts. i have too much to do. secret projects. working on an article for charged magazine. also trying to do technology purchasing work for my day job. so what i'm trying to say is that i don't have time for you today. i still love you. just stop reading.

your pal,