There's only a select few websites that I visit every day of the week, and the number of those that aren't hardcore pornography can be counted on one hand, even if you lost a few fingers in Vietnam. Some of them I have immortalized in these pages before, but now the nod has to go to a new upstart in the field of everything/nothingness: SexSexWorld. Founded by a brave gorup of refugees from the Portal of Evil, this site is like a half-dozen little A Short And Happy Lives all mishmoshed together with extra hearty doses of stuffed animal cocksucking, child porn contests, and pictures of big fat gay friends. I consider myself a honorary SexSexer, having provided ideological assistance and profanity to several of their more notorious messageboard attacks, and so it would be a great honor to me if you would make your way over there and slip them a little tongue.