another empty promise  

gruel and diarrhea dripping forth from me. i think it is a sad moment when i am asked by girls to come see classical music in the park with them next monday and my mental response is "but there's wrestling on!"

jackass. i get mad at other people walking around in the streets but i mostly get mad at myself. oh, i drank so much beer. so many empty calories swelling my gut to voluminous proportions. i'm nordic. we use fat to keep us alive in the frozen taiga.

i was actually proud of myself that i didn't buy records last weekend. that's a real accomplishment for me. as sad as that seems.

do you know how many hits this site gets? about 20 a day, on a good day. some days as few as two people stop in. weekends are slow. i don't update on weekends, maybe that's why. or maybe people have better things to do on weekends than worry about my website. i wonder what those things are.

you see that little monkey? he's the site mascot. his name is "crap." it was carved into his head at the royal academy of surgeons. ha ha ha. crap. he's my little buddy. i don't have to have anything carved into my head. you can read it clear as day.

no more of this. next week's just gonna be photos and information about stoker ichikawa. that's it. maybe in a week i'll get a miracle.