New Digs  

Let's just get it out of the way right now that Tripod was a hideously fruity Massachusetts hippie commune crossed with a gross venture capitalist web magazine. They hosted my site for a good two years, which I guess was okay, but it was always really embarrassing to meet Web professionals at the high-powered soireees I attend and say to them "Uh - my site is on Tripod."

Tripod had some cute little ideas, like "Pods" where you could sort of classify your page and try to finagle people with similar interests to it. I put my page in the "Zine" pod because there wasn't any better place to put it. Within a couple weeks, I won "Best Of Pod" which was cool, but in the little review of my site they called me a "ranting psycho." What?

Basically fuck you, you granola-eating, sandal-wearing Massachussets fuckholes. I'm not even going to bother to spell the name of your state right. A "ranting psycho"? What the fuck is that? I guess when all you read is Wired magazine and Hanson fan pages you get a little soft. "Psycho"? What kind of criticism is that? Maybe you guys could talk a little better if you didn't have Lycos's cock in your mouth all day, huh?

So Erik and Chet offered to host me at Old Man Murray and I gladly accepted. No more pop-up ads for stock trading or Better Homes and Gardens. Although computer games aren't my area of expertise (I don't know the difference between Daikatana and some greasy nerd's vanity project, for instance), I think I'll be a good part of the OMM "family."

Basically, however, nothing else has changed. As a moving-in present, I anti-aliased the outside of Crap, our monkey mascot, and his little circle. He's been gleefully shitting all over the new site. I'm still going to update every weekday. Wednesday is my birthday, there'll be something special up for that. I got paid perfectly good American money to write an article about video games; you can read it here.

Uh, that's about it for today. Check out the archives if you haven't ever been here before. Was that Daikatana joke okay?