.. 10/20/2006
This week, our presentation is Teen Modok, a five-page story drawn for the legendary Journal of Modok Studies, still the only magazine to devote 100% of its page count to examining and appreciating a mental organism designed only for killing. I actually just sold the original art for this story (contact me if you want to buy original art! It's cheap!) so I figured it'd be a good time to put it up. Click here to read.

This week, our presentation is Northern Robutussin Comics, originally drawn as a sort of parody/companion to the mighty Southern Alcohol Comics but tired of after ten pages. I drew this on the subway in brush-pen at the rate of two pages a week. It was pleasurable. Click here to read.

As this weekend is SPX, here's Inside Jobs, a piece rejected from the 2005 SPX anthology (and for good reason, in hindsight). Drawn after watching "Withnail & I" for the five millionth time, it's a vain attempt to capture the fear of your own organs, drunkenly, and urinating. Click here to read.

And for this week, we'll dole out Behind the Masks, a piece of autobio from the early days of this century - or the late days of last one, I can't even tell anymore. I used to turn out pretty much 100% stuff like this - self-absorbed, mopey picking apart of my own deficiencies. I'm glad I don't do that anymore. Click here to read.

The third entry in the Free Comics Archive is Sarah, originally published as a minicomic and then reprinted in Blurred Visions #1, an excellent anthology chock-full of some of the best experimental cartoonists in America, and one that no library should be without. The story was an attempt to meld traditional, cliched teenage melodrama with over-the-top ridiculous characters swiped from various Japanese TV shows and toys. Moderately successful but fun. Click here to read.

The second entry in the Free Comics Archive is Ghosts, originally published in Top Shelf #5. Quite a lot of my teenage years was spent aimlessly wandering, carless, through the hills and eddies of Seattle, trying to figure out what I was doing and what I was going to do. Obviously, I didn't. Click here to read.


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