Original art from Red Eye, Black Eye
By K. Thor Jensen.

Pages from Red Eye, Black Eye are now available for sale for $50 each, shipping included within the United States of America. The pages are ink on 12x16 acid-free Aquarelle Arches watercolor paper, suitable for framing, and are shipped flat in a padded envelope.

Because the book's pages are not numbered, to request a specific page, please email me with the chapter and a brief description of what happens on the page and I will let you know if the page is available (as of this writing, 8 have been sold and 10 or so are not fit for sale). If the page is available, I will give you an address to send PayPal payments or a physical address to send a check or money order

I expect these pages to go fairly quickly at this price, so don't hesitate if there's one you want.

"What's black and red and genius all over? This book!"
- Perez Hilton

"One of the first important graphic novels of 2007."
- Publisher's Weekly

"Red Eye, Black Eye should be regarded as highly as Tricked or Box Office Poison by Alex Robinson or Blankets by Craig Thompson."
- Silver Bullet Comics

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