DRAGONGUYVER: STRUGGLE AND FALL is a double-CD concept album assembled by legendary superproducer FILIPINO ALIAS in the year of Our Lord 2004. It consists of musical performances of songs by Joshua Beane, aka the Dragonguyver. These songs, as originally written by the Dragonguyver in his late teens, tell a narrative tale of struggling and falling. 27 artists lent their talents to this project. This page presents the complete lyrics to the project, as well as information about each artist.

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Trying to hold on... / Trying to make my life something... / Trying to become more... / seems like such a hopeless Struggle.... // Trying to find love... / among this sea of people... / who don't care... / a hopeless Struggle...? // Searching for truth... / in a world consumed with lies... / feels like such a hopeless Struggle.... // Seeking hope... / as I try and search and Struggle.... // I started this a long time ago - / on the path to Gray - / and though I try, / I just keep / FALLING...!

Performed by Progress Report. Progress Report are Max Wehnert and Stefan Gruber, here featuring Rosten Woo. Please visit stefangruber.com

2. Needy
I knew a girl many years ago / I fell in obsession for. / She didn't love me and / I don't know what the hell I felt. / I just couldn't sleep, / fixated on her. / For three damned years / we were friends, / tortured all along. / I - wanting something that wasn't there. / She - feeling bad and resentful. / Until she snapped from the pressure of me, / and we don't speak anymore, though I try. // I knew a girl many years ago, / I really seemed to hook up with. / We talked so often and agreed so much, / a lot of times all we could say was 'cool'. / But she drifted away, and I don't know why. / It bothers me even today, / because I just don't understand. / We shared so much, / but it doesn't seemed to have mattered. / We don't talk much anymore, / and when I try, it's awkward and pointless. // I know a girl who wanted to have sex with me, / just because I was nice to her. / I barely knew her and said, / I can't do that. / We don't talk anymore. / I know a woman I felt love for, / and she cared a lot for me, too. / But she's Christian, / and I sure as hell am not. / She wanting marriage and that / fucked up Christian idea of commitment. / I wanted to love her, / but she wouldn't let me. / Not unless I changed, / though she never said it, / knowing she had no right to expect it. / We're still friends, / but it gnaws at me. // I know a woman who is a sex goddess, / she lives far away. / We'd love to be together, but she's married / and he doesn't really like the idea.... / We still talk, but I keep things from her, / because I don't want her to feel bad. / That's all I seem to do to people. // A long time ago, when I was so young, / I knew a girl who called me boyfriend. / She kissed my cheek, / and I screamed COOTIES at her. / I moved away, / and she moved away, / and I have no idea where she is today. / What's happened to her, / who she's become. / I wish I knew, / but if I saw her, / I'd probably mess her up too. // I'm Needy... / hope that you don't meet me.

Performed by the Goldens. The Goldens are the home-recording alter ego of K. Thor Jensen, a cartoonist and musician in Queens. This song was recorded in one take and was the last thing recorded on his battered, ancient 4-track before it expired. Please visit shortandhappy.com

3. Daddy Daddy

There's a man sitting at his computer, / playing a game, in another world. / A little boy is tugging at his sleeve, / Daddy's only son is all alone. // There's a man on the other side of the country, / working hard to pay the bills back home. / A sad boy is sitting on his bed, / his father hardly lives here anymore. // Daddy Daddy, / loves so much you can't see it. / My Father / sold his family to the job. //Now as I look back... / at the empty house I grew up in, / I think about how it was; / and it sure is nice to know... / that we meant so much to you. // There's a man who married a woman, / but all he seemed to love was the PC. / And the sired one watches with keen eyes, / learning just exactly how a man should be. // Distant... / Cold... / Uncaring! // Angry... / Withdrawn... / Never home! // Now here's a man with a brand new family, / divorced and remarried with a baby girl. / And here's a young man, standing off to the side, / wondering 'what the fuck was so wrong with me?' // Daddy Daddy, / dropped the failed child he didn't want. / My Father / gave up on me! // And now, he expects me to believe in God; / but if our fathers are our models for a deity, / you might see how I don't believe in one.

Performed by Don't Tell Mom I'm Gay. Don't Tell Mom I'm Gay hail from Maine. Several members have known the Dragonguyver personally.

4. Freak of Emotion part 1

I can feel my skin, / it's wanting me to do it again; / but I can't, / I'm not that. / I have to be a man, / have to be strong, / I have to stand. / Besides; / it's not what I am, / isn't what I want. // What puts this in my head? / What is it in me / that drives me to this? / Loneliness, emptiness, / never-been-lovedness? / Could I possibly be any less? / What the hell makes me / want to put on a DRESS??? // Holy shit, it's fucked up! / Look, this must be some sideshow freakfest! / His parents must have molested him / and beat him, his teachers ignored him, / he had no friends. Abandoned alone. / Or some genetic deformation, / a fault in God's normal and good creation. // I don't know how it got this way, / but I wasn't raped, no one hit me. / My teachers paid me even more attention than most. / I always had friends, though maybe not close enough. / And I have enough biological flaws already, okay? // I guess I'm just depressed. / I have a bolt out of place in my head. / I only want to be loved, / no one wants this fat piece of shit. / Gah- my head is full of broken glass hopes / and shattered porcelain dreams. / I can't take these words back! / I can't heal these wounds now! / What in a life can cause someone so much / pain and confusion, / frustration and hating? // I'm not a drag queen, / just a lonely human being. / I'm not a freak of nature. / A big fat Freak of Emotion.

Performed by Alienjack. Alienjack lives in Reading, PA and has played music for many, many years in a number of bands. Please visit alienjack.com

5. Bugging Girls

'Oop, your shirt tag is sticking up, let me get that.' / 'Oh...' / 'Yeah, there you go.' / Yeah, let me help myself to a little touch, / playing nice guy as if I weren't a monster. // Look out for me because I'm a pity boat. / I'll make sure you feel bad that you won't fuck me. / I'll guilt trip you into psychological complexes, / make you hate men and make you insecure. // I'm Bugging Girls, / don't come near me. / I'll molest you, / but surreptitiously. / Bugging Girls. // Stay away from me, / you don't understand. / Don't be nice to me, / don't tickle me, / or tousle my hair; / touch my shoulder, / put your hand on my knee, / for chrissake don't HUG me. // I can't handle it. / I'm a bastard / barely contained, / and I'll bug you too. / I don't want to, / so, please, / keep away.

Performed by the Gay Abrahams. The Gay Abrahams hail from Maine and are composed of several anonymous professional musicians.

6. Beautiful People

Do you see them / walking down the street? / Driving around in their posh cars / that their daddies bought them. // They get whatever they want, / and they want to torment you. // The Beautiful People rule the world / with their flat stomachs / and expensive hairstyles / and hollow little heads. // They own the schools you go to, / where you send your kids. / So make sure you raise them right, / empty-minded and plastic-faced, / it's society's demand! // Haves and Have-nots, / but when you're a Have, / you never have enough. // The Beautiful People think they own you too / and they will if you let yourself be bought / Don't sell your soul to feed your stomach / Because in the end you're still empty!

Performed by Dig the Butcher. Dig The Butcher is a musician and performance artist from Portland, Oregon.

7. Monsters Under The Bed

It comes to me / late at night, / as I'm trying to drift off to sleep. / Thoughts, images, / I can't handle, / stir me up and flay my nerves. // Don't think about dying! / what a useless gesture. / It awaits us all in the end, / there will be no escaping it. / Focus on something else! / My heart's beating too fast! / Chest tightening, eyes widening, / and I have to TRY to breathe! / ... it's a panic attack. / There's always been / Monsters Under the Bed! / ever since I was small, / fucking with my mind! / Everywhere I go, / Devils lurking in shadow! / Preying on all my fears inside, / until I have to sleep in the day! //It'll be peaceful / and quiet / while I'm getting sleepy. / All alone, and- / THE LIGHTS SHORT OUT! / I scream and run to grab a knife! // Cuz out of the corner of my vision, / a pair of big black almond eyes / in a gray egghead are / peeking at me, through the windows. / I can't move! / The Monsters from the sky have come! / Aliens and UFOs in my backyard, / readying their torture rooms!!! // ... it's an anxiety attack. //The Monsters Under the Bed / are playing hard tonight! / Weaving darkness and / paranoia into my life. / I can't handle this! / being alone / in the night! / It's too dark / everywhere! // I can't see hope as demons / chase me through my head! // All dreams become nightmares! // And the Monsters Under the Bed / have won!

Performed by Justin Dullum. Justin Dullum is a guitarist and songwriter who lives in Minneapolis. Please visit dullum.net

8. Female Patriarch

There were no lyrics available for this song.

Performed by Bobby Chupete. Bobby Chupete is a producer and DJ who lives in Brooklyn.

9. Dean Koontz Novels

Seven years ago, I read my first Dean Koontz Novel, / it was 'Voice of the Night'. / I was alone in our house on Harrison rd in Norway, Maine, / my father and I were moving to main st, in Gorham. / He was spending the night with Joy, / and the only bed left in the house was in my sister's room - / though she'd stopped sleeping under this roof a while ago. // I didn't have my radio, / which I needed if I was going to sleep. / And even the cats - / Patty Paws, and Bran - / were at the new apartment. / I was alone in our house on Harrison rd in Norway, Maine; / very bored, / and scared of the night. // On the floor my eyes caught upon a book, / the book I read that night, / my first Dean Koontz Novel. / I was barely still twelve, and I read it that night. / Riveted. / Even when the lamp shorted out, / I got a flashlight. / Like some dumb scene in a bad movie. // And now, I'm barely still nineteen, / and I have just finished my sixteenth Dean Koontz Novel. / But every book of his I read, I get sadder. / All the good guys are pure, talented, and beautiful. / A beauty of spirit and goodness. // And all of them have found, / or in the course of the novel, find / the love of their life. / A full, giving, wonderful love. / And, sure, all of his characters had horribly dark parts in their lives. / But now it's okay, they have their love. // But what are you supposed to do / when you're in those dark times? / As the rain is falling down on you. // You're only left to wonder / if you're just a bad person / who doesn't deserve it.

Performed by Love Command. Love Command is Boston's greatest Christian rock band.

10. Freak of Emotion part II

I think I've got a problem, / lately it's been three times every day. / Wracking my body, driving so hard, / for empty biological high! //These thoughts running through my head, / all twisted images that I've fed. / Leather and chains, domination and pain, / fucked up things that turn me on! // It must be the abandonment, / Mother and Father, every girl I've wanted. / Every one failing me, each one rejecting me, / it's made me need something that's bad! // All this pain in my life, / heavy thoughts in my head, / weighing me down, making me weak, / now needing reprieve in submission! // Cuz I'm a / Freak of Emotion! / Every moment needing sex so strange! / Just a / Freak of Emotion! / Mistress, please take away this pain! // I feel a strange desire, / delicious languor coursing through me. / How did I get this messed up? / Why do I dream of slavery? // I'm seeking escape from all this hardship, / another tragedy, I can't face. / So I run to the shelter of mindlessness, / I'm needing someone to take care of me! / - control of me! // Why? / Cuz I'm a- / Just a- / I'm nothing but a- / The biggest goddamn- / uh... / Freak of Emotion! / Can such debauchery save me? / Freak of Emotion! / Desperately seeking the safety of bondage! / I don't know if anyone can help me, / I'm worried that living this out / will only make it worse. / There's only one thing I am sure of, / I need a spanking right now! / Freak of Emotion! // Get these thoughts out of my head!

Performed by Alienjack.

11. Only One Thing

I always think things / can't get worse. / Surprise, Surprise, / Blue Light Special, / Read All About It, / Life proved me wrong again. // Have I lost all my tears? / Or did I just stop / seeing a point in crying? / Maybe I'm in a place / far beyond that stage / where tears even matter. // Depressed beyond the point of suicide, / incapable of taking my life. / Can you imagine the depths / of darkness I've fallen to? / How much darker it is below? / As I'm falling farther down the spiral.... // I can't hide it anymore. / Spend any time with me, / it'll be clear, / nothing makes me happy. / I just don't see / the point in these things. // When Only One Thing matters to you, / there's no option to ignore it. / When Only One Thing makes you happy, / it's absence leaves you a depressive emptiness. / When Only One Thing is real to you, / the lies in this world overwhelm. / When Only One Thing brings you peace, / an unending inner war blows you apart. / If Only One Thing gives you a reason to live, / without it, you're dead.

Performed by Apothecary. Apothecary lives in British Columbia.

12. Centsless

Locking away to preserve status quo / the mainstream psychobabbalists with their / little convenient terms / phase and denial and delusion / enforcing the empty homogenized drones / your life doesn't matter its meaning only through / continuation of static sanity // I can't keep my voice in / and it really is not my doing when the / words insult or unnerve / what I say and what you hear are alien / we aren't from the same world / common conscience none // Keep pushing me and see what it gets you / see what happens / a flash in my mind / a knife in a gut / whose? // Fears chase me around this carnival / I'm a paranoia neurotic blastorama / and raising Cain / in this garden of pain / as if I'm Abel / to harvest healing and whole // an afterimage of a world untorn / our fathers fucked the Earth / and abandoned us // bastard / mutation / deformation / by discrimination / recrimination / proclamation / Criminy's Station / I'm in my backyard wasting / and a sire sun is only beating me down // my head is full of terror / afraid and fear is my only companion / slowly unraveling my line / losing time / and now I'm baking hot and suffocating / I'm in a body and out of mind / I want to escape every prison / be free from all confinement // and I'm writing and I'm making no cents / trying to be something that doesn't exist / was that creative? it was delusion / false belief / I see the fabulous attraction of destruction / when making is so soft / can we just end it now? / I'm tired of listening to my own whining / and my manmother who needs to / SHUT UP! / the voices start up again / and my head feels loud like whispers / Music is solace. / and I'm still / centsless.

Performed by Stopheles, produced by Speedy Wonder. Stopheles is the MC for the hip-hop group Old Scratch. Speedy Wonder is a producer. Both live in New York. Please visit soundclick.com/oldscratch.

13. Purpose In Life

You know, I've been dealing with all this for a while, / moving from place to place. / New school, new house, new friends / again and again. / shuffled off from here to there, / over and over. / No one wants to deal with me anywhere. // Always the one calling on the phone, / no one calls for me. / No one thinks of how much it would mean / to me. / Or maybe, no one cares / about me. // Always under so much pressure. / Do your homework / Empty the trash / Eat this / Don't eat that / Get a job / GET A JOB YOU WORTHLESS LEECHING _FUCK_!!! // And it doesn't matter how much I do. / Believe me, I've done a lot. / It's never enough, / they always want more, / can't get enough of me selling my soul. / Always telling me to do shit I can't. / No, not don't want to- / CAN'T. // Get it through your fucking head! / I'm not here for this shit! / My purpose in life is not to / move boxes in a warehouse! // Small purposes suit small people! // No! I can't walk a half hour / to work an eight hour shift at McDonald's! / just to walk back, / and watch Springer with you! // Vapid entertainment suits vapid people! // I have a meaning, / I have a point, / and it won't be lost on your account! / This shit is small and empty! // Lives focused on money / are lives focused on lies! // Lives focused on TV / are lives focused on lies! // Lives focused on today / are lives focused on lies!

Performed by Process R245. Process R245 is a musician and producer. Please visit soundclick.com/processr245.

14. Everyone

Mother, how you tried to control me! / Father, how you tried to get rid of me! / Brother, how you looked down on me! / Sister, how you looked away from me! / Girls I loved who rejected me! / Friends I held dear who abandoned me! / Doctors who tried to sedate me! / Teachers who tried to lie to me! / Bullies who worked to destroy me! / Peers who thought they were better than me! // I've got something I've been wanting to say to you all. // Everyone added to the wall!!! / None of you helped me at all!!!

Performed by Sap Drip. Sap Drip, aka Mark Seiler, is a musician and DJ who lives in Maine. Please visit phonicoid.com.

15. Gray

Everything is Gray now. / All muted colors. / Gleams all gone dull. / I can't see the light / from shadows / it all runs together now. // Everything blends / becoming a blotted brown mess. / And the color drains away / and all I see is...

Performed by Secret Nigger Band Seven. SNB7 hails from New jersey and is total street trash rough trade.

16. Anti-Christ

Hello, fellow disaffected youth! / Feeling jaded lately? / Can't seem to see colors lately? / I'm here before you with a startling truth! // As I looked upon the history of man, / I noticed a very interesting fact. / This tiny little prepubescent religion, / whose sheep call themselves Christian, / seems to be the wellspring / of more hatred, murder, and suffering, / than either you or I can imagine! // It amazed me to see this, / a book that on this page / espouses brotherly love for all, / but then on this page tells to / hate all women, gays, and children! // This level of hypocrisy / I'm very very glad to see, / as it's given me a focus in life. / I am now here to deliver you all, / weirdos, outcasts, rebels, and the unwanted, / from this indecency of control! // They even have a name for me, it seems, / already in their book. / As I am the herald of the end of the reign, / I must indeed by the spawn of Satan. / So call me Anti-Christ, / and be done with it! // So, maybe this Jesus guy wasn't very bad, / but he must've been a moron / to have you all in his band! // And isn't he really just an excuse? / A line you call forth whenever someone sees the truth? / That you're all the greatest evil every faced, / with your dogma of do as you say or suffer! // Burn every church! / Shred every Bible! / And line up these sheep, / so I can shoot them, / execution-style!!! // Put them all against the wall / where we can give them back all the pain / they've so graciously bestowed! // You can't hide.

Performed by MC Embalmed and Notorious T.U.T. featuring DJ Vanhire and HDJ Jewboy. MC Embalmed lives in Vermont, DJ Vanhire in England, and Jewboy and T.U.T. in Columbus, Ohio. Please visit columbusunderground.com.

17. Human, Too

But aren't they Human, Too? / Flawed and full of fears, / Human, Too? //Trying, stumbling, succeeding, failing, / Human, Too? // Loving, hating, helping, hurting, / Human, Too? // Them, Us. / You, Me. // Human, Too? // What have I become...?

Performed by the Coffin Dodgers. The Coffin Dodgers is the musical project of Cheese Hasselberger, also the mastermind of the House of Twelve publishing empre. Please visit houseoftwelve.com.

18. Only My Demons

Demons are tugging at me, / pushing and pulling, / taking and taking and taking. / Always taking away. // Cold Angels stand at the outside, / arms crossed and eyes / watching my pain. / I cry out, they walk away. // Demons are taking over me now, / my mind is betraying, / my heart disarraying. / Angels take flight, / flying away. // This torment floods me, / and now I see it's you / stabbing me, ripping and tearing, / peeling at my shell, / exposing my lies, / everything inside me dies. // The words of my life spill, / splash like blood, / I'm bleeding my truth. / You sift through the lines, / and Demons hold me down. / My dirty little secrets, / dancing skeletons, / coming out of the closet. // Lashing out at Demons, / inside me, / are me. / Running and bleeding, / the words are just lies, / my whole life is lies. // But I'm weak now, / tired to fight, / and Demons take control, / I cannot kill. / And when I stand by the water, / Demons stare back from the waves. / No Angels. All flown away. / Only My Demons / in me.

Performed by Fifty Billion Dollar Foldout Mansion. 50BDFM lives in Philadelphia and works as a translator.

19. The Monsters Giggle

Every time I hear / one of those planes / go over the house, / I just know / it's going to / drop a bomb / right on my head. / One of these days. // And The Monsters Giggle....

Performed by the Treefrog, with Kid Panic. The Treefrog lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband and their dog. She created her track using Mario Paint for the Super Nintendo.

20. Decay

Soulless fang of fear / drain me of my final tear. // Black hole of emotion / took away my Will and Devotion. // Vacuum heart of Decay / tell me that you'll always stay.

Performed by Gay Battleship. Gay Battleship live in Chicago where they wear tight pants and look stylish.

21. Freak of Emotion part III

There were no lyrics available for this song.

Performed by Alienjack.

22. Escape

I will Escape / I find my way / Escape the path // Clouded sight / Obscure the past / Vision supreme // Can't I Escape? // I can't Escape....

Performed by Dragonstomper. Dragonstomper are Grandiose Nightspore and Aldwulf Gauntletsmasher. Hailing from the frozen wasteland of Rochester New York, they unleash epic battle metal of poser-devastating proportions. Please visit dragonstomper.com

23. All My Fault

There were no lyrics available for this song.

Performed by Kid Panic. Kid Panic works for a recording studio in Canada and writes music for commercials, scores and other purposes.

24. Hitting Bottom

My fall ends / I can sink no further / the spiral stops / I'm at the bottom. // My body smashes apart / I've hit at terminal velocity // It's so high as I look up / I look down, / can't face the daunting trial of climbing / I seek the safety of knowing I'm at bottom / It can't get any worse. // There is no color here / no annoying light to challenge the gray / futilely. // There is no hope here / No worthless hope that only hurts when I'm let down. // The truth isn't anywhere / so it doesn't matter that it isn't here either. // No love / no empty false love to murder me. // And there is no peace / I'm damned, you see. I've sentenced myself. // I am guilty.

Performed by The Ballet. The Ballet are a five-piece pop group in New York City. This song was recorded live at rehearsal without telling the band.

25. Feel Free To Free Me

i've been crushed / you all stomp on me / getting kicks off me / living lies from me // the modem whine and the radio buzz / i try to make sense but none comes // i cry when no one looks / cuz you'll just attack / seeing weakness / and easy prey // where is my home? / i've never had one / rejected from all / that i tried to have / grasping for a grasp / something to hold on / when i'm falling and numb / i only get let go / all hands open only to shove / everyone existing to hate // i try to consume so to fill this hole / but the shell only gets larger / and the void only looms greater / and the accusations become louder // every attempt is mocked / all action nay-sayed / i'll never be anything / it's what you expect / so why act surprised / when i've lived up to it? // i've been thrown away / by the ones who portray / this world is a heaven / but on the ground i find / i've been left behind / and fell into hell / this world is hell / what you've put me through / all the shit that has stewed / and i'm about to throw up / what is a life for / i don't know anymore / if i ever knew at all / but i can't do it / i never can take that step / it's a curse that won't let me / so i go dead inside / instead of a life / i'm living empty // isn't there anybody / there isn't anybody? / i have to believe in somebody / to make my me worth being / because i can't believe in me / it's only emptiness i feel / i'm still trying to stay up / stay above the line / hold on and feel fine / happiness and stability / have never been with me / i won't pretend / it isn't me / my life has been wasted / nineteen years gone / and walking in a grave / waiting for the dirt to be shoveled in / so i can stop walking / and pretending there's something to do / i've fucked myself / but i was probably doomed anyway // i stay awake every moment / squeezing every second dry / because there aren't many to be had / it seems. / But the times are empty / doing nothing with any point / i'm just wasting space and / stealing air / from someone who might use it for something that i probably won't // so if you have the chance / if the opportunity comes along / feel free to drop by / feel free to see / feel free to try / feel free to free me / because no one had.

Performed by Ethan Persoff. Ethan Persoff is a cartoonist and musician living in Austin, Texas. He is the artist of "The Pogostick" from Fantagraphics Books. Please visit ep.tc

26. Fuck You All

That's it. / I wanna fucking kill myself. / Life is just fucking meaningless. / I'm going nowhere. / And if I went somewhere, / it would be nowhere anyway, / cuz I'm just gonna die anyway. / So I just wanna die now and get it over with. / Please just fucking kill me. / Nothing means anything and everything means nothing. / I'm sick of this being shit on by everyone. // Thank you everyone and everything. / I really just wish I'd figured this out sooner and saved myself the energy. // So, Fuck You All. // None of you made it matter. / None of you gave me a reason. // Do me a favor now, and give me a gun to do this with.

Performed by Buddy Friend. Buddy Friend is the project of Neil Golden, a multitalented cartoonist and musician who lives in Brooklyn. Please visit modsom.com

27. In The End

So now I'm / stumbling 'round in this hole, / waiting for it to end. / I've lost reality, / with my last real friend. // Because, / In the End, / this is all I was, / a bunch of useless words on a page. / In the End / this is everything I had, / and really, it was nothing, / In the End. // So, five hundred years from now, / what will it matter? / In another millennia, / who would know the difference? // Does everything end? / Is it all so transitory? / Or are my crimes eternal? / Does damnation await me? // I've judged myself at least, / and I must suffer forever. / Because, / In the End, / I was just a leech, / and I didn't even make it matter. // Maybe, / In the End, / this is all there is.

Performed by James Cardis. James Cardis makes music in Chicago. Please visit ouchmybrain.com

28. End One: Here

There were no lyrics available for this song.

Performed by Fried Green Chihuahua. FGH is a loose collective of musicians from New York City

29. End Two: Maybe

Maybe there's more. / Maybe there's redemption. / Maybe they can forgive me. / Maybe I can do something right. / Maybe I can make something good. / Maybe my eyes are open. / Maybe I'm seeing the Light.

Performed by On Yonder Duplex. I think this band lives in Canada but I need to ask.

30. Inner Infinity

I don't crawl up. / In a moment of divine clarity, / the truth inside me is realized, / and I rise from the hole, / strong and standing tall. / I bask in nature, / and feel my connection to everything, / feel that I am everything. // I see the path to what I want in life, / above everything else., / To bring one other person, / to help them find their Inner Infinity. // I feel so much love for everything, / and feel so sad to see how hurt everyone is. / And a fire ignites in my heart, / to bring Light to everyone I can: / Truth, Love, and Life. // I see the startling coincidences in my life - / the books I find when I find them, / the people I meet when I meet them, / the slowly unraveling mystery in front of me - / everything leading me to where I go, / in body, in mind, in spirit. // All my walls are sand beneath my feet.

Performed by Ace of Race Riot. Ace of Race Riot are Jason McMaster and Walt C. They live in Birmingham, Alamaba. Please visit levitateme.com